Lanzarote, luxury destination on Canary Islands

Located 100 Kilometres off the North-West Coast of Africa, Lanzarote is the fourth largest island of the Canary Complex. With its perfect size, the island is large enough to offer the discerning visitors a wide variety of places and attractions to visit and experience on their holidays but yet small enough so that visitors do not feel overwhelmed. Mass tourism is limited to just a few resort areas on the island, so it is possible to enjoy a quiet, peaceful stay in the comforts of luxury resorts and rich cultural centres.

Lanzarote remains relatively unspoiled thanks to César Manrique, the islands most famous son, born in 1919.  He was a visionary environmentalist, artist, designer and leader of a movement to preserve and protect Lanzarote’s unique landscape, creating different centres of Art, Culture and Tourism across the island.

The announcement by UNESCO in 1993, declaring the island as a Biosphere Reserve has reinforced the commitment of the island to approach tourism in a sustainable and culturally significant manner.

Lanzarote is well known for its year round sunshine, welcoming visitors throughout the year. With the combination of traditional Canarias towns and amazing beaches ad harbors the island makes the most of its natural beauty and climate.

In 2016 the island is going to reach the target of over 3 million tourist guests welcomed

From a couple of years the island of Lanzarote became the new Luxury destination thanks to all the investments made on the island. 5-star and luxury Hotels, exclusives Boutiques, new Cruise harbor, new Airport, several restaurants, luxury villas and exclusives harbors and marina.

The future of this Island has just begun, it is in continuous evolution and the opening of new stores and structures will stimulate the increase of high-quality tourism in the next years. The Thin Line Boutiques project will be pioneering and boost this process.

Statistics on tourism keep on raising its figures. In 2015 Lanzarote reported over 2,5 million visitors, an overall increase of 10.5% on 2014. More recently, the first half of 2016 has seen continued growth of 4.1% versus the same time in the previous year, while occupancy rates have reached record highs. There are a number of factors driving this growth, not least that Lanzarote is both a diverse and fantastic place to visit all year round. This has been demonstrated by the continued growth of flight connections and the expansion of new markets and territories, while the majority of non-Spanish visitors regularly come from Britain, Germany and Ireland, while countries such as France and Italy are recording a phenomenal grow. Besides a ‘rich’ touristic flow from extra European Countries is growing from Russia and the African continent.

Tourism is the Canary Islands’ main industry, with millions of people coming from all over the world to experience the delights of Lanzarote every year. Landscape is the most precious source: beautiful beaches, awesome volcanic landscapes and plenty of sunshine. Holidaymakers always find here a wide choice of natural attractions.

The majority of working residents are involved in tourism in some way, which goes from strength to strength.

Arrecife is a bustling port with the biggest fishing fleet in the Canaries

Cruise ships dock at Arrecife, which is capital of the island with 50,000 inhabitants. Arrecife is a bustling port with the biggest fishing fleet in the Canaries.

Visitors usually reach the island by plane, even if cruises to Lanzarote are becoming a more and more increasingly popular holiday option. Particularly during the winter months, while Northern Europe is under the usual combination of clouds, rain and cold, this so-called Island of Eternal Spring enjoys an excellent weather and temperatures which rarely fall below 21 degrees of Celsius scale.

In recent years the harbour experienced the biggest growth in tourism with the spectacular cruise lines choosing it as a stage of its travel itineraries. Thomson, TUI, MSC and Carnival lines are only a few of those already docking here, as well as the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Queen Mary, the Queen Victoria and the largest of them all, the Independence of the Seas. Over 500.000 tourists from all over the world arrive on the island through a sea traffic of about 10 cruise per week.